Web Training Services

For information technology and mobile App developers, the job market is robust. Whether you'd like to make iPhone Apps or create Android Apps, our application training services give you the tools necessary for a programming career. We teach web development and design, basic and advanced Dreamweaver software (especially for those who wish to pursue IT freelancer career), database management, in addition to (native or web) mobile App developments.

Our training services are structured as case-based courses which let novice programmers learn all essentials tools and techniques step-by-step from our past projects. We have libraries of custom algorithms and programming case-studies crafted from our expert programmers over time. Such hand-on courses will make code training more enjoyable and productive. Moreover, prior knowledge of programming languages is not needed, and our teaching time and location are flexible. We offer discounts to students and groups of 3 and over, plus company staffs. We offer you the chance to learn how to build websites and/or mobile App.

Our professional rate starts from $49 an hour. With valid student ID, we charge $29 an hour. Call to find out company staff or group learning prices.

Main Lessons

  • Web Design & Development (The Big Picture)
  • Dreamweaver (Basic and Advanced)
  • Database Management (MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Navicat)
  • WYSIWYG Web Builder and Kompozer
  • Dreamweaver jQuery and Mobile Application packages
  • Search Engine Optimization


Main Benefits

  • No knowledge of programming languages required
  • Flexible teaching schedule
  • Special discounts for student
  • Special discounts for groups (3+) and company staff
  • Great opportunity to learn from many real-world web projects



  • Student: $29 per hour (valid student ID required)
  • Professional: start from $49 per hour
  • Company Staff: Call for rate
  • Groups above three: $39 per hour + $15 per person
  • Groups above twenty: $69 per hour + $15 per person