Mobile Application Services

Small businesses will increase their sales with a larger mobile App presence. Many people now access the internet through their telephones and tablets devices. It is imperative for small business owners to take advantage of this current trend in their marketing efforts. We can provide you with the advertising tools that are promoting the 'New App Economy' and by losing out on this you're giving your competitors an edge over your business. Increasing your visibility, accessibility and exposure will ultimately increase your sales and boost your bottom line.

Companies that are smaller can have a larger web presence just by using effective Apps. The growing importance of mobile marketing has left many new companies uninformed about what it is, how it works and the actual benefits. Build client relationships and loyalty with those massive amount of people who now daily access the web using mobile devices while solving the problem of getting tucked away in spam folders. You can connect with the current 'On The Go Consumers' and enhance your social network visibility. Reinforce your brand and increase your credibility generating repeat business.

Your company will benefit from our diversified mobile App development services. We will create Applicable customized Applications that include iOS web Apps, Blackberry native Apps, droid native Apps, Windows Phone Apps. Businesses that have used our services recently vary from restaurants wanting discount coupon Apps to the health care industry offering Appointment Apps to social media trending subject type Apps. Cyber security is a high priority along with the highest quality product that will exceed your expectations.

A variety of mobile web development packages are available with personalized features to your business needs. Although every business is different, each of our nine specialty packages can offer exactly what it is you are looking for in your business App. Our Essential Package is our most basic with five improvement features to enhance your App. Our Ultra Package offers multiple integrations while our Individual Improvements Package customizes your services and options. Our Eternal Package App offers advanced security and is our largest App. Some of our smaller App packages include the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omega. We can assist in picking out the exact package you will require for the type of App that suits your expectations.

So many companies are misinformed about how web Apps will fit into their particular business processes and how effectively market their business via website mobile App. Affordable, scalable, and professional mobile Apps can be made using only HTML5 and JavaScript programming languages. Our mobile web App offers compatibility on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. We even provide special service that allows webmasters to converts their websites to a responsive web App or even native App that comes with exclusive integrations for bluetooth, social media, accelerometer, MySQLite, Google and more.

  • Mobile Web Apps

  • Basic Mobile Web App (starts at $25/hour)
  • Advanced Mobile Web App (starts at $69/hour)
  • Mobile Native Apps (Android, BlackBerry)

  • MySQLite integration and Device Local Storage Management
  • Cloud server and HTTP Request Management
  • Android Unit and Functional Testing
  • Android Build MGMT with Ant and Maven (Only Used For Large Scale Products)
  • Android Tablet Development
  • Android ProGuard and Security Configuration
  • Android Device Battery Management
  • Google AdSense and Google Analytic Integrations
  • Android Data Back-up Management
  • Android RGraph Charting
  • Android Photo Gallery
  • Android Pinch-to-Zoom
  • Application Orientation Management
  • Android Face Detection
  • Android Speech to Text
  • Android Multi-Part SMS Management
  • Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) Integrations
  • Geocoding and Reverse Coding
  • Android OpenStreet Map Development
  • Exclusive Accellerometer Integration
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Android and Quick Response Barcodes
  • iOS Native Apps (iPhone, iPad)

  • Core Location and Custom Map Development
  • iPhone Gesture Recognizers Integrations (Swipe, Rotation, Panning, Long Press, Tap Gestures, and Pinch Gestures)
  • Audio and Video recording
  • iOS Camera and Photo Library Integration
  • Local Device Storage Management (Core Data) and Cloud Server Intergration
  • iPhone Address Book Integrations
  • App Dates, Calendars, and Event Management
  • Advance App Graphics and Animation Works
  • iPhone Core Motion: Gyroscope and Accelerometer Integrations
  • iCloud Server Integrations