Our IT Solutions for Small Businesses

We provide excellent IT related services. Here are our service highlights followed by the full service list:

Go Native iPhone

IPhones are widely used these days. So, do you want that people with iPhones should be able to do everything on their iPhone like people do on their desktops? You just have to share the requirements with us and we will do it for you.

Go Native Android

Android is the new buzz word and many devices available in the market today are based on android. So, if you want your website to work on this operating system as well or want any App compatible with Android, just Approach us and we will create a solution for you.

Go Native Windows Phone

There are numerous windows based devices in the market, so if you strive to stay ahead in the competition, you have to cater to the needs of people who are using these Windows Phone.

AppPay Integrations

This service helps you to receive payment securely from your clients as we will create useful mobile App to solve this purpose.

Advanced Mobile App Security

Monetary transactions over the internet are not secure. There are a lot of hackers out there but we will create full proof solutions where you do not have to worry about all this, as our websites and mobile Apps will take into consideration all the security aspects.

Comprehensive Mobile Maintenance

The task does not end once the website or a mobile App is created. These solutions need maintenance and support services as well. For our clients, we take up such services and provide them friendly assistance whenever they need it.

Mobile Solutions

responsive application design

Responsive Web Applications

Move your business to the next level by presenting your business professionally to the Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Nokia, or Blackberry devices.

native iPhone Apps

Go Native iPhone

Deliver your next business ideas to the millions of iPhone and iPad users via the Apple store.

native Android App

Go Native Android

Present your business to the countless Android phone holders and maximize your productivity.

native windows phone Apps

Go Native Windows Phone

Expose the growing number of Windows Smartphone holders to your next business ideas and stay ahead of the game.

App Pay integration

AppPay Integrations

Expand your customers while accepting payments securely and professionally via your mobile App.

Mobile App security

Advance Mobile App Security

With the massive number of Smartphone holders and the mobile applications, the subject of mobile App security has evolved to become a main hurdle for small businesses.

App maintain support

Comprehensive Mobile Maintenance

Behind any responsive and scalable mobile App, there are expert dedicated maintenance and support teams.

Website Solutions

custom websites

Custom and Responsive Websites

Customize your website "Look and Feel" while making it scalable, responsive, and secure using our advance custom website development services.

cyber security

Advance Website Security

When it comes to the website security, we have demonstrated experience and expertise in developing bullet-proof and multi-layer security patches.

application maintenance

Overarching Website Maintenance

Flexible response options (phone, chat, emails), flexible responsive time (within 24 hours, 48 hours, or a week), and flexible commitment lengths (month-to-month, 6, 12,or 24 months) are only a tip of the iceberg.

Ultra Business Solutions

custom social site

Custom Corporate Social Sites

Enhance your corporate staff social engagements and productivity via your internal, yet advance, social site.

database development

Database Optimizations

At the heart of any serious application or large-scale business processes, there is a database, without which the whole business operation will fall apart. Thus, let our expert team of database specialists tune-up your database and boost your business productivity.

search engine optimizations

Advance Search Engine Visibility

With over 20 million (yet growing) websites worldwide, the importance of visibility in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results becomes imperative. A lasting visibility results from a systematic approach to search engine optimizations.

barcode integrations

Advance Barcode Solutions

The emergence of Quick Response (QR) barcodes have generated a new array of opportunities for small business to streamline their point-of-sale processes.

information technology consulting

IT Business Consulting

A smart application ideas without a well thought out business plan is what an observatory would be without a telescope. Inspired by its vital role, we apply our business and IT expertise to your ideas and craft the tangible roadmaps for your business success.