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Our Android Clients

Having an Android App developed for your business can provide a wealth of important benefits; while many business owners are familiar with the advantages of the iOS platform and the advantages of releasing Apps on the App Store, Android has historically been somewhat overlooked. The two most important reasons that businesses should invest in having an Android App developed for their company are:

1- Variety of Distribution Platforms

While Google’s Android market is one of the most vital and well-known channels for distributing Android Apps, there are several third-party Application stores which enable the fast and easy distribution of your App, while allowing you to get your name out across many different channels

2- Inter-Application Integration

If your mobile strategy involves the development of several integrated Apps in the future, Android is a key platform, allowing for the quickest and most comprehensive level of App integration available in the App marketplace today.

Our Android clients include many large-scale mobile Apps, such as Above Zest (an advance entertainment and tour service App), where users can securely reserve their tickets via the App.

  • - Above Zest VIP services App
  • - WEG2G App