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The present video aims to highlight some of the frequently asked questions and provides lucid answers to the same. Beginning with the most popular, need for wire frame for projects, the video runs through queries that cover details about the duration of development projects and project roadmap development, the methods followed by DC Web Makers to update clients on project milestones, that is project progress tracking, the different modes of payments for developmental projects and maintenance and support fees, probability of handling multiple projects simultaneously, the various types of maintenance and DC Web Makers post delivery support services, the economical nature of our services and special discounts provided to certain organizations, the processes and procedures regarding website and mobile App development and improvement projects and referral and partnership programs.

Do you have a question in mind? Have a look at the video and feel free to get in touch if your queries stray beyond the path we have traveled here!Here are some FAQs we regularly receive from our clients. Browse them to see if we have answered any of your questions!

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