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Patient-Doctor Appointment (PDAppt) App

The Patient-doctor Application provides many great features that will help both doctors and patients. It is available for mobile phones and tablets. We are confident that you will receive great value from this App. It will make things much easier and will allow you to provide unique features to your patients.

The App lets you create a profile for your practice. You can include the doctors, pictures, and other information. The patient App Appointments feature allows patients to make Appointments from the convenience of the Application. Patient profile sharing allows you to better cater to the individual patient. The patients will receive reminders for their Appointment so they are much less likely to forget. If the patient cancels, the cancellation fee (if Applicable) will be charged to their account automatically.

Our App allows you to store all of your patient’s records. You no longer have to have thousands of papers on file. Patients can also set up their own profile with their health records. Our App makes managing patients much simpler. When the patient has complete his or her Appointment, the App will automatically send custom patient surveys.

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

  • Patient-Doctor Appointment App

Profile Setup

Ability to setup your clinic profile including a list of your doctors, address, and pictures...


App Appointments

Improve the process of managing your appointments by an intuitive mobile App


Cancelled Appointments

Advanced approach for handling cancelled appointments via an auto-cancellation charge system


Doctor Close Me

Ability to locate and make appointments with doctors close to you, via mobile App


Appointment Reminder

Possibility of sending auto-reminder to your patients, via SMS, email, or event phone call


Post-Visit Survey

An automated system for sending the patient post-visit surveys, plus editing the survey contents via admin portal


Admin Portal

An advance admin portal where doctors or staffs can mange every patients’ appointments


Paperless Health Forms

A comprehensive system for securely making all patient health records paperless


Appointment Calendar

An advance and intuitive appointment calendar for reviewing all pending and confirmed appointments


Patient Profile

Patients can setup their profile, save all their health records, and more via mobile App


Social Site Integration

Ability for patients to join the App via their Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin credentials


Advance Security

Advance security integrations for mobile App, admin portal, and all HIPPA compliance requirements