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How DC Web Makers application development works

Here are our systematic approach for developing large-scale (over 200 pages) applications.

  1. Project Definition and Idea Development

    Any ambitious dream or imagination must be converted to a tangible and achievable goal. Thus, we follow a few brainstorming sessions with our clients to define the boundaries and scope of the project.
  2. Business Insight and Roadmap Development

    Once our project goals and boundaries are defined, we refine the idea based on our business insight. Specifically, we analyze the product, its potential market, and best strategies to achieve the bottom line. The upshot is a project roadmap that maps different project phases and milestones.
  3. Project Wire Frame Development

    At this stage, all project goals and strategies are translated to a specific project map or project Wire Frame. It is a great opportunity for clients to see and feel the final product sketches and refine it prior to implementation.
  4. Project Operational Planning

    At this stage, the project manager makes a comprehensive operational plan for each project milestones. Afterwards, he allocates right resources to each milestone and initiates the project.
  5. Database Crafting

    Invariably, the foundation of all solid and scalable sites lies in their well-thought-out database (DB) design and development. At DC Web Makers, we believe that a dynamic application without database is what a car would be without an engine. Database crafting entails three steps: i) DB Entity Relationship Development, ii) DB Detailed Design, and iii) DB development and debugging.
  6. Agile Production

    After arduously crafting the application DB, an expert team of web and mobile designers and developers work together in a well-coordinated fashion to speed up the development process. To ensure the quality while meeting deadlines, all project efforts are coordinated and synchronized via an experienced project supervisor. Once every milestone is achieved, we update the clients via our

    Client Center

    . Indeed, Client Center is an intuitive and interactive portal to view project progress reports, have support chats, see project suggestions, and review proposed project roadmaps. In addition, it allows clients to opt in our well-defined maintenance support upon final project delivery.
  7. Application Testing and Holistic Debugging

    Due to a vast experience in developing both web and mobile applications, our software Functional or Unit Testing takes both web and mobile applications into consideration. To be precise, any new added features or refinements to the website are tested against both mobile App and website.
  8. Application Delivery and Maintenance Support

    We believe in what Arthur Ashe said "Success is a journey not a destination". To that end, we will constantly improve the final products through our comprehensive maintenance plans, which covers advance solutions, such as application back-ups and application check-ups. As always, we sincerely think that our client success is synonymous to our success.