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Blame it on lack of time or change in lifestyle, customers look to obtain information, products and services at the blink of an eye and at the comfort of their chairs. It is no wonder then, that Smartphones and tablets have gained immense popularity and usage among the young and old alike. Considering that mobile App use is certain to balloon in the coming years, organizations, especially the small ones, need to build a strong yet flexible base that would accommodate the changing preferences of customers.

Android platform is one among the top, providing solid competition to iOS. With its ever increasing fame, Google has transformed it into a far more customizable and much more accessible platform. It might take a while to overtake Apple but what cannot be denied is the fact that due to multiple flexible features and qualities, Android platform certainly seems to be gaining acceptance in the minds of millions across the world. It is therefore sensible for small businesses to promote their brands and products through this simple and popular platform to strengthen their presence in the market.

DC Web Makers Android App development service offers a great blend of quality and price to give that much needed push for up and coming businesses. We help you in the development of responsive Android Apps that have an Appealing fa├žade while preserving simplicity in operation and security in transaction. From Android Google Maps to face detection, social site App to quick response barcodes, cloud server management to Bluetooth and MYSQLite integration, we provide an assortment of development services. We are committed to delivering our products and services quickly and on-time with superior post-delivery maintenance and support services. Get in touch with us now to obtain a quote for your Android App needs!

Here are the portfolio of our Android native Apps

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